Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding Friends for your Kids on the road!

It can get lonely on the road... This is as true for us adults, as it is for our kids. Have you ever started a conversation with a brand new neighbor under the guise of "directing him into the spot"? Have you found yourself, 10 minutes later, his truck still idling, his camper askew in the road - and you're still talking?
While its easier to find adults on the road, finding playmates for your children takes a bit of planning.
Late December of last year, we checked our Family Finder at the Fulltime Families website and saw a gaggle of families in the Orlando area - where we happened to be camping. Since the families emails are listed on the Family Finder, it was easy to send out an email to the other families in our area (Lundy5, Going down the Road, and Freely Living) and after some effort (it seems we were a bit out practice) we were able to coordinate an afternoon pool date at one of the campgrounds.
This past January, we co-hosted a Families on the Road rally in Jetty Park. There we're 16 families, with a total of 42 kids. I opened the door every morning and let the kids loose. Although they were within 100 feet of the camper at all times, I didn't see them for hours. The kids ranged in ages from 7mos to 18 years old and there was someone for everyone. Attending family rallies is a great way for your kids to meet new friends!
Lastly, when at random campgrounds across the country, think like a local and go where the kids go. Town parks, community pools, libraries, the play area at the mall - there are tons of places where kids are available. You could even contact the local homeschool group in the area and see if they have any play days / meet ups / or field trips planned while your in town.
When on the road, I believe you need to make finding playmates / friends for your children a priority. They need people to play and hang out with - just as bad as you do!
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  1. Cool! We've been on an open ended world tour as a family for the last 5 years, so most of our camping has been in Europe or on other continents with a kid. We'll be doing a road trip this fall in the USA so it will be interesting to compare the differences and appreciate your tips! You might enjoy our FOTR post.

    Who knows, we might even finally make a rally and meet up! ;)

  2. Love, love, love the family finder! And great idea to think past the campground and find local hangouts.

  3. Love the idea of a Families On The Road rally. The family finder is terrific! I might have to instigate something like that in Australia!

    Livin On The Road