Friday, July 1, 2011

Keep Cool While Cooking Hot Meals in Minutes

ITS HOT!!!! Who wants to light the oven in an RV parked in a heat wave? Definitely not me! But dinner calls and grilled meals and cold cuts can only go so far. Sometimes you just need a good, ol’ fashion, home cooked meal. I found the solution at a Tupperware party. The Tupperwave is a versatile, all in one meal system, which allows you to cook an entire meal in your microwave in 25 minutes.

You can brown meats, poach fish, cook casseroles and even bake a cake using this microwave safe cooking system!

Simply prepare ingredients, stack the pieces and then put the whole thing in your RV microwave.

My favorite part is the segmented cooking book - just like your kid's funny peopl book - you know the one where you choose a head page, then flip to a funny shirt and add silly pants to create a hysterical character? In the recipe book you pick a main dish (chicken), a starch (rice) and a vegetable (lemon broccoli) - my mouth is watering just writing this example.

You fill each cookware piece with the ingredients for each portion of your meal - stack the system and put it in your microwave. In about 20 min the whole meal is cooked perfectly - the chicken is tender, the rice is just right and the vegetables are firmly steamed. Magic!

Have a hankering for some chocolate cake? With this set (and the included cone) you can "bake" a cake in 12 minutes - using a regular cake mix! No special ingredients required.

Easy to use - fits in your standard RV microwave - a dream to clean - and stores compactly! The Tupperwave System is a great fit for your RV Lifestyle!

The complete set comes with:
• 3-Qt./2.8 L Casserole.
• 1¾-Qt./1.7 L Casserole.
• ¾-Qt./700 mL Casserole Cover.
• Colander.
• Cone.
• Recipe Book Enhanced Quality Guarantee.

This article reprinted from the August 2010 Issue of Fulltime Families Magazine

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