Friday, July 29, 2011

Frogs and other RV Park Neighbors

“Mom, can this frog live with us?”

The other day our RV park neighbor boy found three unlucky frogs. I didn’t see the kids for the majority of the day. When lunchtime came and went, I assumed they ate the frogs since it is unheard of for my kids to be anything but “ABSOLUTELY STARVING”. But so enthralled and occupied were they with the frogs, they had no idea how many hours had passed.

Living in RV parks full time as we do, can make you question if your children are missing out on all those neighborhood rights of passages (such as catching and manhandling frogs all day).

While this may be the case in the winter months when families are scarce and extra grandparents are plentiful, when summer comes, the neighborhood comes to the RV park. The best part is all the neighborhood characters are in a good mood ‘cause they’re on vacation.

We are fortunate to spend the vast majority of our time in preserve style (large wooded, secluded, sites) campgrounds with a plethora of resort amenities (pools, mini-golf, lodges, general stores). As Thousand Trails Members, after our initial buy in, we are only required to pay annual dues of around $650 a year.

We stay in a park for around three weeks at a time and then move on to the next one. Camping without paying nightly campground fees has given us the opportunity to have more fun on our trip and allows us to go to places that would otherwise not be on our budget.

But we also enjoy just hanging around the campground. As I type this, my kids are in the woods behind my camper, drawing property lines and designing their hideouts. So its safe to say their imagination is still very much intact. But no – we are not full time rv’ing with a frog!

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  1. Are you completely SURE you're not RVing with a frog? I mean, after all - do you know exactly where all 3 frogs went? If you hear "rrrribbit" in the middle of the night, I guess you'll know for sure!


  2. Up close and personal with frogs . . . that's my experience this summer! They sneak inside the camper and must be snickering when I get up in early morning . . . just waiting for me to discover them! I'm getting used to them now - don't scream anymore! :)

  3. Fun! Ours are trying to catch scorpions, but a little afraid to (whether they admit it or not).