Monday, August 22, 2011

The Power of a Sticker

Are we going to fit? Are we going to fit? Well, the lady wouldn’t have sent us up here if we weren’t going to fit, right? It wouldn’t have been ethical of her to take our $5 if we weren’t going to fit. I need to relax, I need a drink, I hope we fit.

I’m forcing a smile through gritting teeth, trying to be excited about this experience – after all it was my idea- but I am really worried. How are we going to fit our F250 through this tree? If we get stuck – will we have to buy it? We already have low clearance issues – I really don’t think we could continue to tour the country with our truck wedged in a gigantic tree.

As I’m picturing us cross the Golden Gate Bridge with our new hood ornament, there she is – getting ready to direct her husband driving their minivan thru. No question, they are going to fit.

“Are you from Fulltime Families?” she asks. Well, we do have two giant stickers on each side of the truck, and lettering on the front and rear windows (we really don’t run a low profile). But I’m still shocked, that up here , in this tiny little cul-de-sac of tourist kitsch, someone has heard about our obscure little company.

As it turns out, she’s not only heard of it – she’s Lori Dial, of the full time traveling Dial Family and she is Fulltime Family Member #85!

Well, after we squeeze through the tree – we head down to the bottom and picnic with this amazing family of 7. The kids pick wild blackberries and two little long lost nimph sisters weave flowers in their hair.

Not wanting the party to end, we spent 4 fabulous days with the Dials. Our kids had water balloon and mud battles, valiantly attempted to transform a shipwreck to a sea worthy vessel, and declared a new holiday! “Hooray for Underwear Day”.

The moral of the story… don’t underestimate the power of a sticker!

In celebration of this serendipitous meeting and as part of our commitment to supporting your full time adventures, Fulltime Families will deliver all traveling families, stickers for your rigs and vehicles, free of charge, so that you will not miss the opportunity and fun of spending some unplanned time with other traveling families!

To get your sticker – register your family at

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  1. We have our "Sticker" proudly displayed on the upper left corner of the back window on our "Nautilus" (aka Suburban) ... We are sans motorhome at the moment so we will get another sticker when we find our next rig! Look forward to meeting others along the way! Yay! :-)

  2. We will hopefully be on the road in just a few months, but have already joined FtF. We just got our stickers in the mail last week. We can't wait to get our 5th wheel and truck, so we can proudly display them. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful family!
    Safe travels,
    Jennifer H-Q

  3. Carolyn and Jennifer - we are honored to have you as a part of FtF - and can't wait to "run into you" on the road - we'll have our eyes peeled for your stickers :)